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I needed a break from life so I lit a ciggarette

and disappeared in your tickelish embrace

20 February
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Hey I'm Abbey! I'm a talent director with a midwestern modeling company by day and a filmmaker by whenever I can get paid for it. I live with my two small pups named Lucy and Nickel (both poo-mixes respectively), and my beautiful partner of several years(not a mix of any kind that I know of). I'm a popculture and orange soda junkie which can lead to some bad writing sometimes, so you've been warned.

My other username is queersavior (and yes, I do know that it is spelled wrong). This is supposed to be my fanfiction site but sometimes I blur the lines. I'm slowly easing into the whole fanfiction writing thing. I write mostly femslash, but sometimes indulge in the hety variety. I enjoy many fandoms and pairings though, and am open to whatever. I like to put characters in weird situations and try to find their voice. I like offbeat and inappropriate humor, as well as sweet nothings whispered, or screamed as the case may be. I like to read and comment so by all means, friend me if you feel inclined. I think that's it. Any questions just ask :)

"Her voice is black and purple bruise...menacing...yet tender to the touch"
(I can't remember if I wrote this or stole this to use it as a prompt)